About us

We are the world's first crypto specialized
outsourced compliance and customer support provider.

Group 3@2x

Our Purpose and Mission

At ACX, we believe that customer support is an essential part of the customer acquisition and retention for any crypto business. Our mission is to give you that competitive edge when it comes to customer and compliance support.
We also believe that a scalable and well set-up compliance function is essential to not only avoid downside but also improve customer experience and increase revenues.

Type of Customer Service Offerings

Customer Support

● Ticket and chat support
● Trading inquires
● Deposit / Withdrawal inquiries
● 2FA resets & account unlocks
● API inquiries
● Security cases
● General inquiries (e.g. referral and wallet
maintenance issues, email changes)
● Optimising of customer support chatbots


● English
● Russian
● French
● Arabic
● Turkish
● Spanish
● Mandarin Chinese
● Hindi
● Other languages upon request

Compliance & KYC Support

● KYC verification and reset
● ID verification when required for internal process
● Corporate account verification

Social Media and Chat Monitoring

● Social media and chat group monitoring
( e.g. Twitter, Telegram, Reddit,Trustpilot, Facebook

Type of Compliance Support Service

KYC onboarding & monitoring

● KYC verification flags
● Proof of address verifications
● Sanctions/PEP/Adverse Media checks (e.g. World-Check)
● Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR) filing preparation
● Ongoing KYC monitoring and flag reviews

Crypto traceability monitoring

● Illicit address monitoring (direct + indirect)
● Review of level 1 flags from all major traceability solutions (e.g. Chainalysis, Elliptic, Merkle)
● STR filing preparation

AML transaction monitoring

● Review of AML flags from traceability or compliance solutions
● Sanctions screening
● STR filing preparation

Travel rule compliance

● Review of travel rule flags
● Transaction monitoring including sanction screening, originator/beneficiary information compliance

Community Management Support

Chat Group Monitoring

● Monitor chat channels on various platforms (e.g. Telegram, Discord) on a 24/7 basis to be able to respond to community messages and requests.
● As many requests are customer support related, ensure appropriate and prompt response and customer experience.

Social Media Monitoring

● Monitor social media groups and channels (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, Reddit) on a 24/7 basis to be able to respond to community messages and requests.
● Flag any illicit activities (e.g. fake customer support agent impersonators) and take immediate action.

Ambassador Program Management

● Manage community ambassador program or any similar programs to ensure consistency in messaging and quality control.
● Ensure that proper FAQ are in place as well as processes and procedures.